First State Bank Fast Check Debit

Fast Check, The Card That Works Like A Check!

You won't receive a bill at the end of the month because you'll be spending money out of your bank account just like writing a check. Hand the cashier, waiter, or service station attendant your card, sign the sales receipt, and take it with you as your record.

When you receive your monthly checking account statement, all your transactions will be listed along with location, date and amount. Now you can use your own money without carrying cash and without the problems involved in writing a personal check. Your Check Card also works like an ATM card. This means you can access your checking account for cash through any ATM. No matter where you are you will always have 24-hour access to your money without the risk of carrying a lot of cash.

We've taken the best parts of checks, credit cards
and ATM cards and rolled them into one.

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