Our History

The First State Bank of Livingston is an early-chartered bank of the Texas State Banking System. It was originally organized in 1910 as Guaranty State Bank and was renamed with its present name in 1925. The bank's present location at the corner of Polk Street and Jackson Avenue in Livingston is its third location.

During the intervening years, First State Bank has functioned as an important part of the business and cultural scene of Livingston and Polk County.

The growth of the bank, both in assets and in its physical plant, has mirrored the growth of its East Texas trade area. The bank has played a key role in the transition of its trade area from a rural retail sales, agricultural, and timber-based economy to the present regional trade center.

In 1995, First State Bank opened its first branch in Shepherd, Texas, about 15 miles south of the main bank location.

Mission Statement

The mission of First State Bank of Livingston, Texas, is to provide professional high-quality commercial banking services to businesses and individuals within its trade area. The bank recognizes its responsibility as one of the leading financial institutions in its service area to actively promote and participate in investments which will lead to the creation of economic opportunities for the businesses and individuals it serves.

The bank recognizes that one of its greatest resources is its staff of competent employees. It is committed to provide them fair and adequate compensation and benefits, technical and professional training, and the opportunity to work and advance within the bank throughout their employment careers.

At all times the bank will operate in a strictly legal, moral and ethical manner and will insist upon this same commitment from its directors, management, and employees.

The bank will make continuous effort to maintain a friendly and courteous relationship among its employees and with it customers.

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